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Small business owners have a basic expectation from an HVAC system: year-round customer and occupant comfort. Period. A small commercial split system offers the perfect combination of energy-efficient comfort and design flexibility that is easy to service. Air-conditioners and heat pumps from 1.5 - 5 tons meet the needs of many small businesses with reliability so the owners can focus on their customer’s needs. Units are constructed with numerous features to ensure reliability and simplify service. Contact Kelley Mechanical today to discuss your requirements

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The key difference between rooftop cooling units and other systems is that they are self-contained. In industry jargon, that makes them something called a package unit, which keeps everything — compressor, evaporator, condenser, and fan — all in one place. That is in opposition to the “split system,” which places the compressor and condenser in the unit “split off” from the evaporator and fan, which remain indoors. Package units make it simpler to locate the AC equipment for buildings where real estate may come at a premium price, but roof space on an existing structure is plentiful. 

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An air purifier is an innovative system that treats air as it moves through your cooling and heating system. Using a specialized filtration system, an air purifier will remove a variety of contaminants before they circulate throughout your facility. To breathe the cleanest air possible, contact Kelley Mechanical today to talk about air purification.