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Kelley Mechanical Can Assist With Repairs Or New Equipment For Your Commercial Building

A commercial building will have radically different HVAC needs than a residential one. They generally have higher roofs, greater foot traffic, and different insulation, which can radically alter calculations. There is much variation among commercial buildings as well as some require far more cooling needs than others. Contact Kelley Mechanical in Lebanon, TN for assistance in determining the best option for your business.

In Lebanon, TN Indoor Air Quality Is As Important As Heating And Cooling For Your Commercial Building

In general, filters with a rating of MERV 16 or below are considered to be HVAC-system-grade filters for residential, commercial, and general hospital use. MERV 17 through MERV 20 filters are typically used in surgical operating rooms, clean rooms, and other contexts that require absolute cleanliness. Contact Kelley Mechanical in Lebanon, TN to discuss your HVAC air quality issues.

Need To Service Your Commercial Package System-Contact Kelley Mechanical

A packaged HVAC is an all-in-one heating and cooling system ideal for commercial premises. This compact-sized system is usually stored on a roof or to the side of a building, making itself again highly useful for small spaces like offices. Kelley Mechanical In Lebanon, TN is well versed with commercial package systems for heating and cooling.