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Refrigerant leaks are the most common issues found in commercial HVAC systems. If you notice oil around your valves, service ports, or connections in your AC, or it simply isn’t blowing cool air, you may be losing refrigerant. Short cycling is a common audible queue. If refrigerant leaks are not addressed quickly, they can harm your HVAC system and lead to bigger problems. Kelley Mechanical has the service technicians to service your heating and cooling equipment.

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Rooftop systems offer a flexible way to provide treated air for one- to eight-story buildings. Many options and configurations are available to satisfy a wide number of applications. Fresh outside air is mixed with return air from the occupied space and then filtered, conditioned, and supplied back into the building. Conditioning involves cooling, dehumidifying, or heating the air for optimal space comfort. Rooftop units can serve a single zone, or an entire building filled with many zones. Contact your local contractor for commercial heating and cooling Kelley Mechanical.

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As buildings have become more energy efficient, new health issues have emerged. Conditions known as "Sick Building Syndrome" and "Building Related Illness" have been linked to structures that were constructed, maintained, and operated in such a manner that those who occupied these buildings were contracting various illnesses. Conditions such as these brought to light the severity of the indoor air quality issue. Kelley Mechanical can help you solve your indoor air issues.