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Kelley Mechanical Can Assist With Your Chiller Needs In Stanton, TN

Air-cooled chillers operate like car radiators, they use fans to blow outdoor air across refrigerant coils outside the building to dissipate heat. This direct air cooling removes the need for condenser water, cooling towers, water treatment, and testing associated with water-cooled systems. Kelley Mechanical offers service and replacement.

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At their core, all HVAC systems work by removing heat from inside a building and rejecting it to the outside air. This is accomplished through a refrigeration cycle that uses refrigerants to absorb and release heat. The key components of any HVAC system are the chillers or compressors that produce cold air or water, pumps, and pipes that transport that air or water, and air handlers that ultimately deliver cooled air to building occupants. Kelley Mechanical understands all the workings of these HVAC components.

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Rooftop units are self-contained packaged HVAC systems designed for single floors or zones. They typically have cooling capacities below 120 tons and use typical refrigerants. RTUs contain their own small evaporators, compressors, and condensers to produce and reject cold air or water. They are commonly used in low-rise commercial buildings like office towers, retail stores, and warehouses. Their self-contained design allows for easy installation and zone-by-zone climate control. With proper maintenance, RTUs are known to have a typical lifespan of 15 to 20 years, making them a reliable HVAC system choice. Kelley Mechanical is also a reliable source for assistance in Stanton, TN.