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Benjamin K.
Repairing leaks on a production chiller at a hemp fabric manufacturing plant outside of Cynthiana,KY.

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Contact Kelley Mechanical For Repair Of Your Building’s HVAC System In Cynthiana, KY

Split Systems are often connected to a building’s ductwork, like in a residential unit. Because they are ideal for residential buildings, they also work great for smaller commercial buildings, like small offices, restaurants, or small stores. Each area can be controlled via a thermostat or through DDC. Kelley Mechanical can assist with a new system or repair.

Heating Problems With Your Boiler System? Contact Kelley Mechanical

Some commercial buildings use a boiler system to heat water and hot water is carried through pipes installed in the walls, floors, or ceilings. You might not notice that the structure itself is warming, but you’ll feel the air being warmed. In Cynthiana, KY contact Kelley Mechanical for service.

Heating And Cooling Needs For Your Business Contact Kelley Mechanical

A packaged HVAC is an all-in-one heating and cooling system ideal for commercial premises. This compact-sized system is usually stored on a roof or to the side of a building, making itself again highly useful for small spaces like offices and homes. Kelley Mechanical is the contractor to contact in Cynthiana, KY.