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In commercial buildings, HVAC loads normally represent the highest energy expense. Geographic location plays a significant role: buildings far to the north or south of the world typically have high heating expenses, while those located in the tropics may require air conditioning all year long. There is a broad range of heating and cooling options for commercial buildings. Contact Kelley Mechanical to discuss the right option for your business.

Kelley Mechanical Provides Heating And Cooling Service For Your Commercial Rooftop Unit

Packaged rooftop units (RTUs) normally include a condenser for air conditioning and a gas or electric boiler for space heating. In climates where the unit must provide air conditioning with low outdoor humidity, it is also possible to add an economizer, which reduces the cooling load on the condenser. In all modes of operation, fans are used to blow air into a duct system that distributes it among the separate indoor zones. Kelley Mechanical repairs all these heating and cooling components.

Kelley Mechanical Your Source For Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning

A multi-split system operates similarly to a single split, except that multiple indoor units hook up to a single outdoor unit. The sheer volume of choices of HVAC units available can be daunting. For example, if you want a split system, do you need a single-split system or a multi-split system? Contact Kelley Mechanical to help you in the selection process. These are best for large commercial properties in Lawrenceburg.