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Heating And Cooling A Small Business In London, KY

Packaged systems are all-in-one units, consisting of the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and fan coil. The thermostat is integrated. Packaged HVAC units are great for buildings that don’t have room for bigger ones. Kelley Mechanical is well versed in heating and cooling a small business so contact them today.

Kelley Mechanical Is Your Trusted Contractor For Commercial Heating And Cooling

A residential system consists of a standalone unit, whereas a commercial system is modular; its components, however, are located together for ease of installation and maintenance. The size of a residential AC unit here in the US can go up to 5 tons. Modular rooftop units often come in 10-, 25-, and 50-ton units. The thermostats, condenser fans, compressors, evaporators, blowers, and dampers are all more powerful. Kelley Mechanical are experts in commercial heating and cooling.

Choose Kelley Mechanical For Heating And Cooling Your Business

In a residential house, the indoor unit such as the furnace is usually in the basement, closet or attic and the outdoor unit is outside in the backyard or on the side of the house. This is referred to as a split system. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, sometimes have their HVAC units in a utility room in the basement, or somewhere besides the building, and quite often on the roof. These are all-in-one types or packaged systems. Contact Kelley Mechanical at 859-271-1113.

Heating And Cooling Maintenance In London, KY

The biggest benefit to commercial HVAC maintenance is elongating the lifespan of each component. Because their functions intertwine, one bad actor ruins the show. The biggest issue with malfunctioning or clogged HVAC parts is that they put extra stress on the heating or cooling unit to perform. This is compounded with normal wear and tear and drastically reduces the life of your commercial HVAC unit by 8 to 15 years. Kelley Mechanical can help you with regular maintenance to increase the life of your heating and cooling components.