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Owners, facility managers, and even the tenants of commercial buildings have a slew of responsibilities. Apart from managing staff and serving customers, they have an obligation to the actual structure and all its components – they need to make sure it stays in good shape. Failure to maintain and identify commercial HVAC system issues can lead to loss of income, and loss of clientele in some cases. Kelley Mechanical understands the importance of your heating and cooling needs.

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Controlling the climate in a commercial building requires three things: warm or cool air, a distribution method, and controls. The building’s cool air flows through the same ducts the heated air does and is regulated by the same thermostat. But the source will differ. Discuss your options with Kelley Mechanical.

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Ventilation systems use fans to introduce the necessary outside air, pass both the outdoor and re-used indoor air through filtration, and expel the building’s contaminated air. This keeps the CO2 at under 1000 molecules per million. Your local expert in Lebanon, KY is Kelley Mechanical.