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Kelley Mechanical Has Options For Heating And Cooling Your Facility That Are Friendly To The Environment

VRF technology is a popular choice for a variety of building sizes and uses by offering higher energy efficiency, a smaller footprint, and greater flexibility. Additionally, VRF heat pumps and heat-recovery systems are popular strategic electrification solutions as part of the greater drive towards the decarbonization of HVAC systems. Contact Kelley Mechanical to discuss your options.

Are You Looking For Heating And Cooling For A Small Business In Lancaster, KY?

Commercial HVAC split systems typically provide both heating and cooling so that no separate heating equipment is needed.  A single split system for commercial space has one compressor and one evaporator. They are recommended for smaller spaces such as a small office, cafe, or small retail business. Kelley Mechanical is a great resource in your community for split systems.

Kelley Mechanical Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Are Their Business

Most of the time, when the heating is activated in commercial HVAC, the burners create combustion gas that is transferred to a heat exchanger, which warms the air that is passed through. Sometimes heat pumps transfer outdoor heat indoors. Air conditioners work the same way as heat pumps, but in reverse, transferring indoor heat outdoors. Contact Kelley Mechanical today for more information.